Hiking & Walking in Mallorca

Mallorca is a paradise island with all the charm of the Mediterranean, and the region of Calvià, where our hotel is located, a place renowned for its natural beauty. If you fancy and have the right shoes, we can recommend some unforgettable walking/hiking excursions. Do not forget the camera, because the landscapes are spectacular.

 Route to PortalsVells.

It is a non-circular excursion of about 10 kilometers that crosses the coast and reaches to PortalsVells, passing through Cala Viñas, Cala Falcó, Cala Belladona and Cala Xada. The course that is of moderate difficulty, lasts for just under four hours. Remember to bring water, it is advisable to hydrate yourself, and do not leave your bathing suit, since you will find several coves and beaches where you can enjoy a bath.

 For the return trip, if you do not want to go back, we recommend you to take the bus number 107 from Sol de Mallorca which is close to Magaluf.

 Route Magaluf, SaPorrasa, Magaluf.

An easy one-hour walk at a good pace that is listed as cardio-healthy. The route, which is circular and will return you to the starting point, has about 5 kilometers.

 It has its exit near the Pirates Show and more than half goes by via a pedestrian walkway, for this reason it is an ideal way to rest and relax.

 Route to Estellens by EsCapdellà.

For the more intrepid, we recommend walking to Estellens, a very small and beautiful coastal town, located in the Serra de Tramuntana "Costa Nort", with tremendous views and wonderful coves to enjoy.

 The route is 29 kilometers and has up to 1.5 meters of unevenness, so we recommend you go very prepared, because it lasts for eight and a half hours, and although it is classified as moderate, it can become somewhat strenuous by the constant rise in the terrain. Although we guarantee that the effort is worth it and the views are spectacular.  The first 14 kilometers are on roads and paths that join Magaluf with Es Capdellà.


 Here we show you three very different trekking routes for "all tastes", but although the landscape and duration is different, we have tried to ensure that all three have little difficulty in common.

 There are more hiking trails in the municipality of Calvià and throughout the island, some of them spectacular by their views, and all well signposted.

 Before undertaking any of them, it is advisable that you inform us at the reception of the hotel where you are going and before leaving ensure that you dress and footwear fit properly and comfortably, bring water, mobile phones and above all, camera. The swimsuit is optional.